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Lighthouse is a best-of-breed Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) platform that allows you to leverage our comprehensive library of built-in GRC solutions, or build your own with our unique process and workflow builder.  We interleave your ERP, finance, and HR systems (replacing onerous functions in each) to provide you with an integrated end-to-end solution that is otherwise cost-prohibitive or too difficult to achieve.


Since implementing Lighthouse, on average, our clients have experienced …

75% Increase in

Data Accuracy

80% Boost in


x3 Increase in


100% Would


The best value and most comprehensive
GRC solution to ever-increasing regulation.


Every industry across the globe is subject to ever-increasing regulation which, in turn, requires more and more sophisticated GRC solutions. You need to a team of GRC experts or the ability to cobble together numerous systems and processes to manage. 

We simplify all that by providing you a single, unified, secure, and auditable product that integrates all aspects of your governance, risk, and compliance requirements.

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With over 14 years of expertise and experience in the space, hundreds of implemented solutions, and well over 100,000 users, we support all tiers of Government in Australia, the UK, and New Zealand across aged care, education, and all other regulated industries.

what our clients say

We have been proven time and again to be the best value and most comprehensive GRC solution in open market assessment for our broad and growing client base. Here’s what our clients say:


Even under the exact same legislative requirements, each organisation implements slightly differently.  Lighthouse embeds itself in and honours the culture of your organisation, using your language, your process, and your workflow.  What’s more, you have control over the configuration yourself; No coding and no consultants are required.

Lighthouse directly addresses the issue whereby paper forms, spreadsheets, and numerous other software packages are all cobbled together to provide an unmanageable and un-auditable GRC landscape.

We support all your frameworks simultaneously, so your operational, financial, risk, ESG, and internal policy frameworks all play nicely together.  Additionally, you can build any process in Lighthouse, including conditional workflows based on sophisticated delegations of authority and an unbelievable report builder.  Unify your GRC, build your reports, and then seamlessly dashboard them for audit and board review.

Lighthouse is always on and transparently embeds itself into your organisation. When that QoN comes up, it’s audit time, continuous trend analysis is needed, or you want to solve problems before they start, you’ll know that your data is securely stored, thanks to our robust security model, readily available to only the relevant people right when they need it most. 

You don’t need to pull data from disparate processes into Lighthouse to achieve this. Lighthouse replaces those processes so that you, day-to-day, get a market-leading solution and all the benefits of a deeply mineable integrated dataset across your whole business.

Lighthouse has legendary support. Not just in the day-to-day operation of your business, but also in providing you with world-class specialists in the disciplines toughest to crack.

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