Doing GRC Better

Exploration costs for major miners can exceed 50% of their expenditure on an annual basis[1]. Think about that fact: The cost of identifying where the target commodity lies can exceed the actual cost of harvesting the commodity, on an annual basis. If you were a miner, imagine the incredible value of knowing where exactly where

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Get GRC in the Game

State of Origin is one of the great annual sporting events on the Australian sporting calendar. After a Queensland victory in the first of three matches, the scene is set for an exciting clash in the next round. During the game, it is interesting to watch what is happening on the sideline and the interactions

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What use is technology if it’s not the RIGHT technology?

Paul McNulty, the former Deputy U.S. Attorney-General, once famously said, “If you think compliance is expensive, try non-compliance”. With an ever-increasing compliance burden, more scrutiny from the public, parliament, and regulators, it is more critical than ever that Government entities get it right. It is important to always remember the fundamental reason why we monitor

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