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Safety First

In 2019, a NSW organisation was fined $225,000 after it pleaded guilty to an offence under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011. In 2020, a

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Doing GRC Better

Exploration costs for major miners can exceed 50% of their expenditure on an annual basis[1]. Think about that fact: The cost of identifying where the

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Get GRC in the Game

State of Origin is one of the great annual sporting events on the Australian sporting calendar. After a Queensland victory in the first of three

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Torque's software is genuinely intuitive. Users do not require any technical knowledge meaning accurate governance reporting has never been easier.

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At Torque, we are passionate about keeping governance simple and making your life easier. This means we are constantly reviewing and optimising our products so that they suit the real-life needs of our customers. Whether it’s simplifying processes, improving integrations or designing new solutions that solve your governance issues, we care about making a product that exceeds your needs.