One Platform, Many Solutions

Lighthouse from Torque Software offers extensive functionality all built around a core of end-user configurability and customisation.  It honours the context of your culture while offering incredible flexibility around data capture, workflow and reporting.

Solutions currently in use by our clients appear below. If your requirement is not listed, Lighthouse can be configured to collect, workflow and report on almost any type of information.

Accountable Forms Management2019-08-06T05:13:09+00:00

Facilitate the management, issue, use and reconciliation of accountable forms such as Cabcharge. Can be configured to manage the issue and use of almost any type of form/card/document etc.

Airport Train Tickets2019-08-06T04:46:13+00:00

Manage the issue and use of airport train tickets.

Asset Disposal/Write Off2019-08-06T05:58:12+00:00

Efficient way to approve the disposal or write-off of an asset. Includes delegate/review workflow and reporting

Asset Request2019-08-06T04:47:53+00:00

Efficient process for staff to request the issue of an asset. Detailed reporting to support good asset management.

Assurance Certificates2019-07-30T07:16:04+00:00

Digital certificate created to record an assurance activity. Outputs from assurance activity are attached facilitating detailed reporting and easy access.

Assurance Surveys2019-08-06T04:14:11+00:00

Secure assurance surveying about any requirement, such as risk management, debt management, management assurance to support annual financial statements, credit card usage, related party reporting, and any other form of assurance survey. View progress, send reminders, analysis of results, reporting. Meets all Australian Government privacy and security requirements.

Build Your Own Workflow Forms2019-07-31T01:54:05+00:00

The Customisable Applications solution allows almost any business process form to be quickly, efficiently and economically automated providing the following benefits;

  • Improved quality of data being received by those who action the form.
  • Electronic workflow and electronic signatures.
  • Full reporting of all information collected.

The Custom Application solution allows organisations to very quickly automate many of their business process forms.

Cabcharge Register2019-08-06T04:40:04+00:00

Facilitates the management, issue, use and reconciliation of Cabcharge.

Compliance Surveys2019-08-06T05:11:27+00:00

Survey for instances of non-compliance. Preloads any non-compliances reported prior to surveying and allows participants to enter additional non-compliances if required.

Conflict of Interest2019-08-06T04:50:32+00:00

Facilitates the declaration of actual or potential conflicts of interest from staff, executive, boards and more.

Contingent Liability Approval and Reporting2019-08-06T04:46:36+00:00

Management, approval and reporting of contingent liabilities, such as indemnities, warranties etc. Workflows to delegates for approval.

Contract Register2019-08-06T04:38:58+00:00

Records details of contracts entered, including digital copy of contract and other relevant information (e.g. business case). Detailed reporting capability.

Credit Card Request2019-08-06T04:49:35+00:00

Manages all aspects of the issues and management of credit cards held by staff, including: Apply for credit card, change credit card limit, cancel credit card, report loss of credit card. Includes delegate workflow and notifications.

Domestic Travel Request2019-08-06T04:42:27+00:00

Efficient process to facilitate domestic travel requests. Gathers information for flights, accommodation, meals, transfers, cabs etc. Workflow to your designated delegate/s, and on approval, workflow to central travel-booking team. Supports WOAG compliance. Detailed reporting capability.

Driver Register2019-08-06T03:53:23+00:00

Efficient process to facilitate the gathering of information from staff and contractors who use entity or their own vehicles for business, including driver’s licence, registration details etc. Workflow to delegate for approval. Also facilitates updates to information from drivers.

Express Post Envelopes2019-08-06T05:14:27+00:00

Facilitates the management, issue and use Express Post Envelopes

Fleet Vehicle Private Use2019-08-06T05:26:13+00:00

Efficient way to approve the use of a fleet to be used for private purposes. Includes delegate workflow and reporting.

Fuel and Service Order Forms2019-08-06T05:16:13+00:00

Facilitates the management, issue and use of Fuel and Service Order Forms

Future Year Commitment Approval and Reporting2019-08-06T04:47:01+00:00

Efficient process to track and facilitate the approval of future-year expenditure to support the requirement of ensuring financial sustainability. Supports the accountable authority in ensuring the financial sustainability of the entity by providing a review point for major commitments before the commitment is authorised.

Allows workflows to budget areas, delegates etc. as required.

Gifts/Benefits Register2019-08-06T04:47:17+00:00

Records gifts/benefits;

  • Offered/received from external parties
  • Provided to staff members
  • Provided to external parties

Includes associated workflow delegate approvals and reports.

Home Garaging Approval and Reporting2019-08-06T05:13:38+00:00

Approval of home-garaging arrangements with delegate workflows.

Incident Follow-Up Reporting2019-08-06T04:43:16+00:00

Tracks actions following an WHS incident. Supports compliance with WHS and PGPA requirements.

Incident Reporting2019-08-06T04:44:04+00:00

Tool that allows the reporting of any type of incident. Workflow and notifications. Supports compliance with Commonwealth WHS requirements and PGPA. Detailed reporting and management options.

International Travel Request2019-08-06T04:41:29+00:00

Efficient process to facilitate international travel requests. Gathers information for flights, accommodation, meals, transfers, cabs etc. Workflow to your designated delegate/s, and on approval, workflow to central travel-booking team. Supports WOAG compliance. Detailed reporting capability.

Invoice Payment Request2019-08-06T04:49:01+00:00

Efficient digital process to manage invoice payment requests. User scans and attached invoice. Includes delegate workflows. Reports can be configured to provide data for finance system upload.

Key Management Personnel Declarations (Related Party Disclosures)2019-08-06T04:11:34+00:00

Facilitates the gathering of relevant information and declaration from Key Management Personnel and/or other related parties to meet the requirements of AASB 124.

Key/Security Pass Requests and Register2019-08-06T03:47:04+00:00

Mechanism for staff to request issue of a key or security pass. Includes delegate workflow. Records details of keys and/or security passes issued. Sends reminder when due for return or requiring renewal. Detailed reporting capability.

Legal Advice Register2019-08-06T04:37:41+00:00

Records details of legal advice obtained and stores copy of all advice. Comprehensive reporting capability to support WOAG reporting requirements.

Management Assurance Certificates2019-08-06T04:13:08+00:00

Supports end-of-financial-year processes by gaining assurance from key internal stakeholders relating to completeness and accuracy of information, and compliance with relevant legislation and policy.

Manual Cheques2019-08-06T04:34:33+00:00

Facilitates the management, issue and use of Manual Cheque forms

Motor Vehicle Fleet FBT Reporting2019-08-06T04:41:02+00:00

Recording of vehicle operating information for fleet management and FBT liability calculation. Provides the least cost FBT calculation method for each vehicle.

Non-Compliance Reporting2019-08-06T04:51:27+00:00

Manages instances of non-compliance to any governance framework such as PGPA Act, Accountable Authority Instructions and other internal policy. Provides reports for managers, auditors and other authorised people.

Assists with the requirement to implement measures directed at ensuring officials comply with the finance law and to review an entity’s compliance.

Official Receipts2019-08-06T04:34:18+00:00

Facilitates the management, issue, use and reconciliation of Official Receipt forms

Official/Business Hospitality and Reporting2019-08-06T04:48:48+00:00

Facilitates approval and reporting (FBT, Questions on Notice, etc) of expenditure for official hospitality and business hospitality – includes delegate workflows and reconciliation.

On-Line Training2019-08-06T06:01:19+00:00

Deliver on-line training such as PGPA Act and other video/document-based training. Includes review questions to assess comprehension. Facilitates reporting of outcomes.

Performance Reporting2019-08-06T04:36:26+00:00

Manages corporate performance reporting of deliverables, risks, KPIs, budget and other performance measures within your corporate plan.

Makes periodic enterprise performance reporting a simple and transparent process, giving management access to performance information when they need it.

Phone Cards2019-08-06T04:32:36+00:00

Facilitates the management, issue, use and reconciliation of Phone Cards

Private Motor Vehicle Use Authority2019-08-06T05:27:11+00:00

Efficient way to approve the use of a private vehicle for official use. Includes delegate workflow and reporting.

Private Motor Vehicle Use Claim2019-08-06T05:28:18+00:00

Efficient way to approve the claim for use of a private vehicle for official use. Includes delegate workflow and reporting.

Public Transport Cards2019-08-06T04:33:31+00:00

Facilitates the management, issue, use and reconciliation of Public Transport Cards

Registered Post Envelopes2019-08-06T05:16:47+00:00

Facilitates the management, issue and use Registered Post Envelopes

Request a Payment or Purchase by Credit Card2019-08-06T04:49:17+00:00

Efficient process to manage requests for payments or purchases on corporate credit cards (individual or centrally held). Includes workflow to delegate/s and detailed reporting capability.

Risk Management2019-08-06T04:36:52+00:00

Manages all aspects of the risk management process and provides a user-friendly way for risks to be recorded, categorised, rated and reviewed regularly. Allows your entity to create its own categorisation of risks to suit your context. Also allows you to create your own control library. Schedule reviews and automatically notify relevant risk owners/managers. Significant reporting capability and visual analytics, including dashboards.

Staff Reimbursement2019-08-06T04:48:16+00:00

Efficient process to facilitate staff reimbursements. Can be configured with your reimbursement categories to support better reporting. Includes workflows to delegate and, on approval, to processing team.

Staff Surveys2019-08-06T04:45:06+00:00

Secure collection of any type of information in a survey format. View progress, send reminders, analysis of results, reporting. Meets Australian Government privacy and security requirements.

Taxi E-Tickets2019-08-06T04:33:00+00:00

Facilitates the management, issue, use and reconciliation of Taxi E-Tickets

Time Off In Lieu Manager2019-08-06T03:57:29+00:00

Efficient mechanism for staff to record additional hours worked/taken. Workflow to delegates. Detailed reporting.

Travel Profile Form2019-08-06T03:55:21+00:00

Efficient process to gather travel-related information from prospective travellers. Also allows users to request an update to their travel information (e.g. new passport number etc.)

Uber Account Access Request2019-08-06T04:39:39+00:00

Efficient process to facilitate requests for staff members to access your entity Uber account. Facilitates the gathering of all privacy-related permissions and other information required for use of an Uber account by Commonwealth staff. Includes workflow to your designated delegate/s.

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