Turn Policy Into Process


streamline every aspect of your risk management

Managing risk presents you with significant challenges. If risk is to be more than a ‘tick box’ exercise, getting meaningful engagement across your organisation is one of the biggest challenges. To do this, you have to be able to show that managing risk adds value – you have to make sure that the people in your organisation understand why it is important and how it is going to help them in their role. You have to provide tools that are easy to use so the focus can be on the value generated by the process – rather than the process itself.

Our focus is on transforming risk management – from just a set of policies, into engaging processes that genuinely provide value to stakeholders.

With Lighthouse, we offer you a comprehensive suite of tools and resources designed to streamline every aspect of your risk management and give you organisation-wide visibility, accurate risk data, and confidence that you understand your risks and are managing them appropriately.

with lighthouse, we provide you and your organisation with:

A One-Stop Risk Solution

You will no longer need to rely on multiple spreadsheets or systems. You will no longer have fragmented processes. Lighthouse brings all of your risk management into a single platform where you can manage all categories of risk, across all the parts of your organisation.

Complexity to Simplicity

It is easy to make a process complex – particularly if the subject matter is inherently complex. Part of the genius of Lighthouse is that it takes the complex and makes it simple for users. Even if you are not a risk expert, you can engage confidently with risk, knowing that Lighthouse will guide you through every step in the process. What does this mean to you? It means that staff at all levels of your organisation can “do risk management” within the context of their business area.

An ISO 31000 Compliant Solution

Complying with the relevant international standards gives you confidence that you are achieving better practice. Lighthouse delivers you an ISO 31000 compliant solution that will allow you to achieve ISO 31000 compliance now – and provide you with a path to increase your level of risk maturity into the future.

A Solution that Links Risk 

Your risks do not exist in a vacuum. That is why Lighthouse allows to you to link risks to everything from elements in your corporate plan, priorities, stakeholders, focus areas, thematic tags – in fact, anything that is going to add value to the governance of your organisation. This provides you with unparalleled visibility about the relationships with risk right across your organisation allowing better understanding, better decisions, ultimately boosting your organisation’s productivity and performance.

Real-Time Dashboards and Reporting 

Lighthouse provides you with real-time access to more accurate risk data through your medium of choice, whether it be dashboards, reports, notifications – or any combination of them all. Better data = better decisions = better performance.


Lighthouse provides a range of risk sub functions to help you improve the value, quality and maturity of your risk management. 

  • Risk Planning and Profiling
  • Risk Register
  • Universal Control Library
  • Control Assurance Register
  • KRI Management
  • Plus more

Lighthouse meets all Australian Federal Government security
and privacy requirements and is IRAP Certified to the ‘Protected’ level.

Lighthouse Cyber Security Guide is available on request.

For more security and general system information, please visit our support page.

Be confident in the fact that your privacy is assured and data is secured: we are ISO27001 Certified.

Lighthouse is fully GDPR compliant, giving our EU customers peace of mind.

We are certified under the Digital Transformation Agency’s Hosting Certification Framework.

We partner with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide us with highly-secure, locally domiciled (AU in Sydney, UK in London) hosting services.


Since implementing Lighthouse, on average, our clients have experienced …

75% Increase in

Data Accuracy

80% Boost in


x3 Increase in


100% Would



With over 14 years of expertise and experience in the space, hundreds of implemented solutions, and well over 100,000 users, we support all tiers of Government in Australia, the UK, and New Zealand across aged care, education, and all other regulated industries.

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