Turn Policy Into Process


ensure policies are effectively maintained and deliver good governance

Clear, up to date, and well-constructed policies are vital to the successful operation of your business.

Policies set the expectations for behaviour, service delivery, management of information and resources, and many other critical business functions and it is important that everyone within your business has easy access, and that the policies are regularly reviewed.

Lighthouse turns your policies into process by bringing to life the authorities and workflows that typically sit within the control table of your policy documents. This creates the accountability required to ensure policies are effectively maintained and deliver good governance to your business.

with lighthouse, we provide you and your organisation with:

Policy Creation and Review

Using Lighthouse functionality, you can create consistent policy documents for all required business functions and store them within the secure Lighthouse system. Each policy is assigned a nominated review date with automated notifications to ensure policies are reviewed and current. 

Document Generation

Policy documents can be published into your entity’s branded templates for sharing on other business platforms. Using the document generation function ensures consistency across your suite of policies.

Accountability and Version Control

The power of Lighthouse is in its embedded workflow and accountability functionality. Your delegations and authorisations are built into the workflow processes in Lighthouse ensuring compliance with policy approval requirements. Audit logs retain a record of all actions performed for a policy document and version control is captured in the history log which is visible to users for each policy document.

Real-Time Monitoring and Reporting

Lighthouse reports are generated from live data meaning that policy related information needed for risk reports, assurance activities and compliance surveys are supported by up-to-date information on the status and currency of your entity’s policy documents. This level of transparency across organisational policies and other accountable documents provides valuable oversight about the effectiveness of the control environment.


Lighthouse provides a range of sub functions to help increase your data accuracy, boost efficiency,
and provide confidence in your policy management activities.

  • Policy creation, review, and approval
  • Trigger of ad hoc / scheduled review
  • Collaboration and version management
  • Plus more

Lighthouse meets all Australian Federal Government security
and privacy requirements and is IRAP Certified to the ‘Protected’ level.

Lighthouse Cyber Security Guide is available on request.

For more security and general system information, please visit our support page.

Be confident in the fact that your privacy is assured and data is secured: we are ISO27001 Certified.

Lighthouse is fully GDPR compliant, giving our EU customers peace of mind.

We are certified under the Digital Transformation Agency’s Hosting Certification Framework.

We partner with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide us with highly-secure, locally domiciled (AU in Sydney, UK in London) hosting services.


Since implementing Lighthouse, on average, our clients have experienced …

75% Increase in

Data Accuracy

80% Boost in


x3 Increase in


100% Would



With over 14 years of expertise and experience in the space, hundreds of implemented solutions, and well over 100,000 users, we support all tiers of Government in Australia, the UK, and New Zealand across aged care, education, and all other regulated industries.

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