Lighthouse Release Notes

Custom Forms

  • Now allows override of inherited (expenditure) authorities
  • Now allows multiple stages of the same authority, each with their own configuration
  • Added message warning users that the authority placement field was merely a placeholder, and that conditionality of actual authorities must be carried out in the template settings, authority tab
  • Fixed issue where removing a stage from the workflow could break forms currently at that stage
  • Fixed issue whereby authorities weren’t always updating correctly on complex conditionality changes in the form

Non Compliance

  • Increased allowed framework group name length

Custom Forms

  • Fixed bug that occasionally gave a “Value cannot be null” error when saving a form
  • Fixed bug whereby non-included user select fields that disallowed submission and defaulted to the logged in user could force validation stopping the user from submitting
  • Fixed incredibly rare bug that saw a file upload box appear when interacting with form elements
  • Fixed advanced authority configuration, whereby occasionally authorities would not appear in the correct place, and selection of an authority would appear in the wrong field
  • Fixed issue whereby inherited (master) authority name was being used instead of label in rendered form


  • Can now report against inactive custom form templates (previously returned no data to report)


  • Long text areas now adapt to the length of the text they contain (but still allow expansion and collapse)
  • Merging users now honours the “Set alternate login” checkbox


  • Various minor bug fixes and enhancements

Custom Forms

  • Significant enhancements to template editor, permissions management, visibility and overall functionality, as follows
  • Fields are now grouped by sections, each with their own configuration and permission
  • “Break” field now deprecated (use sections instead)
  •  Sections and Fields can be dragged and dropped into position
  • Adding or copying fields inserts them below the field that you have clicked the button to add/copy
  • Advanced editor mode that allows you to select section and sort order manually when editing fields
  • Section permissions that allows display, editability and validation settings per user role per stage
  • Now allows inline authority placement
  • Now allows a distinct declaration per authority (and submitter)
  • Increased length of authority name, authorised and not authorised labels
  • Can now override all authority settings (such as workflow order and labels) per implementation within custom forms
  • “Include in emails” setting moved to merge fields and deprecated
  • Enhanced options for notifications
  • Approval panel in custom forms modified for brevity and ease of use
  • By default the expenditure grid no longer starts with a blank row
  • No longer removes carriage returns in long text fields upon save
  • Date-based notifications can now be sent on completed forms


  • Entertainment data now available in dashboards
  • Gifts & Benefits data now available in dashboards
  • Designing dashboards now managed by system permission (System Settings –>Permissions/Workflow –> Dashboard Designers)


  • Fixed issue whereby tiles weren’t always staying in the order/location they were placed


  • Fixed issue whereby editing column names in custom report sometimes caused an error
  • Fixed issue whereby the links to direct download of reports sometimes weren’t loading correctly


  • Enhanced email template editing for all older modules
  • Fixed issue whereby group drop downs sometimes were unable to be edited in system settings (rare Chrome-only issue)
  • Can now merge Classification into how user names display in System Settings
  • Additional security logging of when user records were updated, what was changed, and by whom
  • Improved performance and handling of large user and org unit import files
  • Fixed issue whereby complex custom forms sometimes resulted in an error upon submit
  • Fixed issue whereby custom forms sometimes resulted in an error when copied and submitted in one step
  • Fixed issue where blank email footers in the notifications module were not defaulting to the system footer
  • Survey Analysis now keeps consistent colours for values across questions
  • Fixed issue whereby settings for mandatory tax type and cost centre in custom forms expenditure were not being correctly applied
  • Fixed issue whereby exporting custom reports with comma in the name  to Excel wasn’t setting the filename and extension correctly

Custom Forms

  • Restricted custom application templates no longer appear as tiles on dashboard to users without access


  • Fixed bug whereby deleting a participant from a survey could erroneously reset managers for other participants
  • Improved email handling disallowing rare use case where emails could be continually sent in error
  • Added existing merge fields to survey email editor for easy selection


  • Optimised search functionality

Custom Forms

  • Fixed issue whereby copying a custom application could sometimes cause an issue when submitted immediately


  • Fixed issue whereby searching occasionally gave an error