Doing GRC Better

State of Origin is one of the great annual sporting events on the Australian sporting calendar. After a Queensland victory in the first of three matches, the scene is set for an exciting clash in the next round.

During the game, it is interesting to watch what is happening on the sideline and the interactions between the field of play and the bench. It is often apparent that those on the bench are eager to join the game but are not sure if it will happen.

In some organisations, Governance, Risk, and Compliance functions are effectively on the bench. Staffed with highly skilled practitioners, they are good at what they do but are not often in the game. Periodically, they will be sent onto the pitch to ‘do their thing’ and then returned to the bench when it’s done.

It seems to me that there is a tremendous opportunity here for organisations. Imagine if we could get those GRC skills and practices in play for the whole game. Imagine if we could take GRC practices, like risk management for example, and embed those practices into the day-to-day operations of the organisation. Imagine if staff didn’t need to wait for the experts to come and do it for them. Imagine if staff were empowered and given simple and intuitive tools to do it themselves and the skilled practitioners took on the role of coach.

Integrating GRC functions into everyday operations is already a reality for many organisations. The benefits are significant. GRC is done in real-time and in the field of play. GRC monitoring is continuous and ongoing. GRC-related data is constantly updated and available to all stakeholders as and when they need it. More efficient processes, greater transparency, better business outcomes, more engaged staff and stakeholders – what’s not to like?

Integrating GRC into everyday business operations is an efficient and effective strategy for business improvement. Get GRC into the game!

Global Director – GRC
Specialist Focus – Risk, Policy, Finance