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Managing compliance presents you with significant challenges: from navigating a vast array of complex legislation, regulations and standards – to coping with limited resources and multiple or outdated systems – or no system at all.

Fragmented responsibilities, data scattered around your organisation, and concerns about its accuracy and completeness further intensify the pressure. 

Our focus is on turning your compliance policies into processes that deliver effective compliance management outcomes and give you confidence in your compliance management. 

Lighthouse offers you a comprehensive suite of tools and resources designed to streamline every aspect of your compliance management, empowering you and your organisation to navigate the complexity of the compliance environment with ease while ensuring increased accuracy, productivity, and confidence.

with lighthouse, we provide you and your organisation with:

A One-Stop Compliance Solution

You will no longer need to rely on fragmented processes and scattered information. Lighthouse serves as your go-to resource for all things compliance-related. From a register of your compliance requirements, tools that allow you to identify, record and manage non-compliance in real time, to capability that will provide you with assurance about your compliance performance. Everything you need is at your fingertips, allowing you to access more accurate data when you need it.

Legislative Monitoring

Are you concerned that you may not be up to date with your current compliance requirements? Our customised legislative monitoring service continuously monitors changes in legislation, regulation, and other standards and frameworks – delivering information and insights tailored to your specific organisation. You’ll be more confident you are ahead of the curve.

Compliance in Real Time

With Lighthouse, compliance issues can be easily recorded in real time by business areas or individual staff members using tools integrated into your relevant business processes. You will no longer have to wait for reviews or audits to uncover compliance issues because Lighthouse gives you real-time visibility of your compliance performance, enabling you to confidently make proactive decisions about current and emerging compliance issues.

Compliance Data – When You Want it and How You Like It

Do you want a report tailored to your needs? Do you want it delivered regularly to your schedule? Or maybe you would prefer a dashboard? However you like it, Lighthouse’s flexible easy-to-use reporting tools mean that you can get up-to-the-minute compliance data when you want it and how you like it.


Lighthouse provides a range of compliance sub functions to help increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your compliance management, improve the accuracy of your compliance data, and provide confidence in your compliance management.

  • Compliance requirements register
  • Compliance risk assessment
  • Legislative monitoring
  • Recording non-compliance in real time
  • Non-compliance management
  • Compliance assurance
  • Legislative conformance certificates
  • Plus more

Lighthouse meets all Australian Federal Government security
and privacy requirements and is IRAP Certified to the ‘Protected’ level.

Lighthouse Cyber Security Guide is available on request.

For more security and general system information, please visit our support page.

Be confident in the fact that your privacy is assured and data is secured: we are ISO27001 Certified.

Lighthouse is fully GDPR compliant, giving our EU customers peace of mind.

We are certified under the Digital Transformation Agency’s Hosting Certification Framework.

We partner with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide us with highly-secure, locally domiciled (AU in Sydney, UK in London) hosting services.


Since implementing Lighthouse, on average, our clients have experienced …

75% Increase in

Data Accuracy

80% Boost in


x3 Increase in


100% Would



With over 14 years of expertise and experience in the space, hundreds of implemented solutions, and well over 100,000 users, we support all tiers of Government in Australia, the UK, and New Zealand across aged care, education, and all other regulated industries.

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