Seamless, customised compliance solution

The client

The client was a small Melbourne-based Non-Corporate Commonwealth Entity (NCCE) responsible for professional standard setting. They already had Xero in place as their finance system and needed to meet their PGPA requirements without procuring a Tier One or Two ERP system.

The problem

The client needed to build capability to enable:

  • Standard corporate business processes in an end-to-end digital environment.
  • The exercise of delegations under the PGPA Act framework, including the delegation to approve expenditure.
  • Total compliance.
  • A full audit trail of all transactions.
  • Data access permissions based on role and/or other business requirement
  • Detailed reporting – scheduled and/or on-demand, including reports to support responses to Questions on Notice (QoNs)
  • Interface with Xero to prevent re-keying of data and/or duplication of effort

Torque’s solution

 The following capability was configured on the Lighthouse platform:

  • Invoice Payment Request
  • Purchase Request
  • Staff Reimbursement Claim
  • Gift/Benefit Report
  • Official Hospitality/Business Catering Request
  • Incident Report
  • TOIL Record
  • Contract Register
  • Governance/Compliance Task Register/Calendar
  • Non-Compliance Report
  • Non-Compliance Survey
  • Legal Advice Register
  • Assurance Survey
  • Training Register

Additionally, the platform is being used to deliver the following customer success service:

  • End of financial year assurance package (Management Assurance Certification, Declarations of Interest, Key Management Personnel – AASB124)