Procurement in Government

Note to readers: This blog is focused on government procurement. It is relevant to entities at all levels of government, including local, state, and federal. Most of the examples used in this blog will be drawn from the Commonwealth of Australia. However, the principles discussed are relevant to all government entities. For government entities, procurement

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Designing an Effective EOFY Assurance Program for a Commonwealth Entity

For Finance Teams, the last half of the financial year brings a flurry of activity. First, there is FBT season with the FBT year closing on 31 March. Then, just three months later it is end-of-financial-year (EOFY). During this period, the workload is unrelenting. The focus is completing the next group of tasks and keeping moving

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Safety First

In 2019, a NSW organisation was fined $225,000 after it pleaded guilty to an offence under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011. In 2020, a Western Australian organisation was fined $330,000 for a series of workplace breaches. The cost of not managing safety properly can potentially be crippling for an organisation – not only financially,

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Doing GRC Better

Exploration costs for major miners can exceed 50% of their expenditure on an annual basis[1]. Think about that fact: The cost of identifying where the target commodity lies can exceed the actual cost of harvesting the commodity, on an annual basis. If you were a miner, imagine the incredible value of knowing where exactly where

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Get GRC in the Game

State of Origin is one of the great annual sporting events on the Australian sporting calendar. After a Queensland victory in the first of three matches, the scene is set for an exciting clash in the next round. During the game, it is interesting to watch what is happening on the sideline and the interactions

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