Highly secure cloud-based SaaS solution

Trusted by high-level Government organisations & other highly regulated entities.

From spreadsheets to simplicity

Transparency, trust and efficiency are crucial for public organisations. When compliance is documented through spreadsheets, emails and phone calls, recording and reporting takes valuable time and can be very inaccurate. Torque software products streamline the governance process, providing a single source of truth and a complete workflow management system.

Capability range

Seamless governance, risk, assurance and compliance solutions

Highly secure – IRAP certified to the protected level

Fully configurable to your organisation’s needs

Torque’s solutions take the pain out of governance and compliance, providing you with quick, meaningful and intuitive reporting.

What do our products do?

Our products are powerful and flexible governance tools. With intuitive interfaces, customisable reporting and easy integrations, our software packs a punch and offers exceptional value for money.

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From Federal Government departments to local councils, we customise tools for clients to provide complete end-to-end management of their governance, risk, compliance and assurance needs. 

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